How Long Do Teacup Yorkies Live

How Long Do Teacup Yorkies Live

Teacup Yorkies are just too adorable. But before choosing a dog, you should be informed that these miniature variations of an already tiny breed have some serious health issues.

It’s important to understand that Teacup Yorkies are not a separate breed. Breeders mated two undersized Yorkies to create an even smaller pup, giving rise to this tiny variety of Yorkshire Terrier.  

The average Yorkie lifespan is longer than the Teacup Yorkie due to a number of health issues and increased chances of injury. Below, we’ll go over these dangers and how to increase your Teacup Yorkie’s lifespan.

How Long Do Teacup Yorkies Live

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 Small dogs typically live longer than larger dogs. However, teacup Yorkies are an exception. The average lifespan of a Teacup Yorkie is only 7 to 9 years. This is a significantly shorter time than the lifespan of normal Yorkshire Terriers due to added health concerns and the possibility of Injuries.

The Chance Of Traumatic Injury

Tea cup Yorkies normally weigh2 to 4 pounds. . This increases their likelihood of suffering traumatic injuries, which are already the main cause of death in full-sized Yorkshire Terriers. Due to their tiny stature, Teacup Yorkies are particularly vulnerable to choking, stepping on, choking, and attacks from larger animals as well as bone fractures from jumping off of moderately high furniture.

Tips On Reducing The Chances Of Trauma

There are are some steps that you can take to enhance your Teacup Yorkie and minimize the chances of trauma like;

  • Carry your dog whenever you are in a crowded place. This could be at home or on a crowded city sidewalk. If you let your dog walk through these crowded areas, they might get stepped on, and because they are such a small breed, one slip could result in a broken or fractured bone.
  • Keep a close eye on the kids around your Yorkie or remove the dog entirely. Avoid letting young children handle these dogs, and show older kids how to handle and interact with these tiny dogs.
  • Even though socializing your dog is crucial, you should be extra careful with the Teacup Yorkie and larger canines. Such a little dog is vulnerable to inadvertent harm from active puppies or larger dogs who might see them as a prey.
  • To prevent your dog from jumping from potentially hazardous heights, provide pet steps so they can down beds and furniture. Use a harness instead of tying the leash to the dog’s collar when walking them. This will prevent their trachea from being damaged, which happens frequently to little breeds.

Common Causes of Death in Yorkie Puppies

Yorkie puppies are more likely than adults to experience certain health problems. These problems normally call for preventative drugs, such vaccinations.

Canine Distemper

Canine Distemper is an extremely contagious respiratory and/or gastrointestinal ailment. Early signs include diarrhea, weakness, and coughing. It will ultimately spread to the puppy’s brain and spinal cord, killing it eventually. 


Despite the fact that canine leptospirosis is a fatal condition, many locations do not mandate leptospirosis immunization. It is spread by raccoon and skunk urine that has been contaminated.

Physical Trauma

Yorkie puppies are very tiny. Physical trauma brought on by accidents is one of the most regrettable reasons for their death. These accidents can involve being stepped on, struck by a car, tripped over, knocked down stairs, and many other things.

Leading Cause of Death in Older Yorkies

 Although Yorkshire Terriers are typically healthy dogs, they can develop a few health problems. This is mostly due their fragility and the potential of bad breeding practices.

Below are the health issues that affect the lifespan of Teacup Yorkies;

Congenital Disease

Congenital illnesses account for about 10.5% of all Yorkie deaths. These are conditions that a dog is born with; they are not acquired conditions. The portosystemic shunt, sometimes referred to as liver shunts, is the most prevalent congenital condition that affects a Yorkie’s lifespan.

Respiratory Issues

Respiratory diseases claim the lives of 16% of adult Yorkies. The Yorkshire Terrier is in third place behind the Bulldog (18.2%) and the Borzoi (16.3 percent) in terms of respiratory disease mortality. The danger of BAS and tracheal collapse is increased in Yorkie breeding situations. Older dogs’ lungs are more vulnerable to infections and airborne toxins.


In Yorkies, cancer ranks as the second most common cause of death. In Yorkshire Terriers, soft tissue and bone sarcomas are common. If discovered early, the majority of cancers are curable. Yorkie spaying lowers risk of breast cancer.


As heartbreaking as it is, abuse or neglect are the main causes of death in Yorkies. These little dogs are at risk of being killed if they are kicked, stepped on, trampled, run over by cars, or preyed upon by hawks or other outdoor predators.

Precautions To Take When Buying A Teacup Yorkie

You should do research properly before buying a Teacup Yorkie. You should look for a reputable breeder who has all the required certificates and testimonies from previous buyers.

Avoid buying from Puppy mills even though they sell their puppies at a lower price. Puppy mills are profit oriented and have puppies that have not gone through proper care, medication, and vaccination.

You should also ask for the parent’s history and if possible insist on seeing them. If the breeder cannot answer your questions to satisfaction, it’s advisable to look for another source.

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