How To Collapse A Dog Crate

How To Collapse A Dog Crate

If you plan to go on a road trip or vacation with the company of your dog, you must carry his crate too. Collapsing a crate minimizes the space it would occupy in its normal form and makes carrying easy.

It can be challenging to collapse a crate, especially if you are a newbie in dog parenting. If you are looking at your dog’s crate and wondering how you will collapse it, this article got you covered. Depending on your crate type, there are different methods of collapsing.

Identify Your Type Of Crate

Folding (Metal) Wire Dog Crate

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These metal crates collapse similarly to plastic crates and are made of metal. However, you have to unlock each hinge and fold it down, making them a little trickier to collapse.

Plastic dog kennels

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These heavy-duty plastic crates are the most popular kind of crate. Additionally, they are the simplest to collapse; all you have to do is press the release buttons on either side, and the crate will collapse into a compact package.

Heavy-Duty Dog Crates

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These metal or plastic kennels are designed exclusively for larger dogs. Unfortunately, they are the most challenging crate to collapse since they mostly lack release buttons, necessitating the removal of each panel one at a time.

Soft-sided Dog Crates

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These crates are mostly used for trained and calmer dogs. They are made of lightweight mesh or soft nylon, or polyester fabric.

These soft containers may be quickly and easily collapsed. These crates are best suited for smaller and medium-sized dog breeds.

Furniture Dog Crates

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Dog crates made of furniture are for those who are fashion-obsessed and want their dog crates to match the furniture in their homes.

They are made of wood and frequently double as tables, serving the dual purpose of crate and furniture. However, such a crate cannot be collapsed and is not portable.

 Cleaning Your Dog Crate

Take everything out of the crate.

This applies to all items inside the crate, such as toys, beds, bowls, and blankets.  

Clean the soft furnishings.

Although optional, this one is strongly advised. First, ensure you use the recommended soap that will not irritate your dog’s skin. Make sure the cleaning solution you choose is pet-friendly and free of ammonia. Applying the solution evenly across the crate could be quicker if you use a spray bottle.


Take your dog’s cage outside in any open area, such as your garden or terrace, before starting to scrub it. An enclosed, well-ventilated space also works just fine as an alternative.

How To Fold A Metal Dog Crate

1. Read The Manufacturer’s Instructions

Although it may seem obvious, you’d be surprised how many people attempt to assemble or disassemble a metal dog crate without first reading the manufacturer’s instructions!

Therefore, we advise you to carefully read the maker’s instructions before acting. Normally, there are some well-labeled diagrams, tips, and warnings 

2.Check The Crate’s Condition

You don’t have to worry if you have lost your crate’s instructions. Have a better look at your crate before you start working on it. If the crate has two doors, check to see where the collapsing mechanism is. Remove the plastic tray and the divider if it has them. 

3. Start With The Doors

The doors of most metal dog cages must be closed for them to fold down. Therefore, rather than simply closing the doors, you must latch them.

Lock the doors after you hear the latches click. Then, gently pull the doors to ensure they won’t open unless the latch used to close them is unfastened.

4. Detach the crate’s sides.

Now check the crate’s sides where they meet the top. Search for wires that attach the crate’s sides to the top. You should be able to free those hooks by applying pressure to the crate’s top.

Some crates are made to function the exact opposite of that. Therefore, you must lift the top of the cage away from a hook while simultaneously pressing down on the hooks and stepping forward into the container.

Push the side of the crate forward once the top and sides have been removed, allowing the crate to lay flat on the ground. After repeating the process on the opposite side, you will now have a two-sided crate.

5. Collapse The Crate

Make sure the door side of the crate folds onto the two sides already sitting on the crate floor by pushing the crate to one side. Then, fold the remaining crate wall over the top of the previous three walls.

6. Secure the latches.

Find the latch on one side of the crate and fasten it to prevent the crate from unfolding when you pick it up.

7. Cover the crate.

Put the crate away in its box or cover when not in use.

How To Fold Heavy-Duty Metal Dog Crates

Heavy-duty metal dog crates can be collapsed using the same steps above. But before you begin, always read the manufacturer’s instructions. Additionally, disassembling extra-secure, escape-proof dog crates occasionally calls for additional tools.

How To Collapse Soft-Sided Dog Crates

Identify Collapsible Points

Collapsible points can be seen on soft-sided dog crates. Find those spots and force them within. When you do that, the crate will collapse in on itself.

 Fold The Crate Sides

The container will collapse when all the side paneling is pushed into the center, causing all sides to fold in.

Firmly Fold The Latch On The Crate

Velcro or occasionally plastic clips are used to secure the straps on most soft-sided fashion boxes. After the container has collapsed, use those straps to seal the latches closed firmly.

How To Collapse Plastic Dog Crates

1. Unlock The Latches

Each plastic dog box’s left and right sides will feature a plastic latch.

Find the locks, and unlock them.

2. Crate should be split in half.

You can remove the crate’s top part after the side latches are released.

3. Arrange the crate halves.

All that’s left to do is stack the crate’s two halves atop one another for storage or portability.

How To Collapse Furniture Dog Crates

Being unable to collapse them is the biggest disadvantage of using furniture dog crates.

As was already noted, hardwood furniture crates are made to serve as furniture, as opposed to wired dog crates, soft crates, and plastic crates. So your end table dog crate cannot be folded.


I hope you now see that collapsing a crate is easier than you might have thought. The only disadvantage will only be if your dog’s crate is furniture type because you cannot collapse it.

 It will help if you do not use excessive force when dissembling the crate to avoid breaking it or harming yourself.

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