How to Stop a Dog from Opening Doors?

How to Stop a Dog from Opening Doors?

Dogs like to explore, either with their mouth or their paws. Your dog might have known how to open the door as he was exploring using his muzzle or paws. You should know that your dog is wise and you are among the lucky paw parents because not all dogs can open the door! However, you are getting tired of this behavior as it can make your dog get lost, get harmed, or eat poisonous things. So, how do you stop a dog from opening the door?

How to Stop a Dog from Opening Doors?

You can stop your dog from opening doors by using a round door knob, using a lever door lock, installing a pet gate, exercising your dog to prevent boredom, avoiding encouraging the behavior, minimizing anxiety triggers, training him, Hang a towel over the handle, or use a door stopper. 

Before looking deciding the best way to stop your dog from opening doors, you should understand the reason behind the behavior so that you can make an informed decision.

Why Does My Dog Open Doors?- 5 Reasons

1. Curiosity

Dogs are naturally curious animals. They enjoy exploring their environment, which may involve opening doors. They might be enticed to peek through an open door to see what’s on the other side. Additionally, smells and sounds might arouse interest.

2. Boredom

Another reason is that your dog is simply bored and needs to be entertained. The possibility of this increases if your dog tends to do it more often after being unable to exercise for some time or after being idle for some time.

3.Separation anxiety

Your dog may have been acting out because of separation anxiety. This is more likely if your dog has been trying to enter the room you are in through closed doors and if they become anxious when you leave them.

4.Seeking Attention

Dogs can also use opening doors to draw attention. They can start opening doors in an attempt to get your attention if they’re bored or feel ignored. This activity can occasionally be used as a means of attracting the attention of other people or animals.

5. Hunger

Your dog may have been opening the door because of hunger. The possibility of this increases if your dog frequently opens the door to the kitchen or the area where their food is kept. Ensure that your pooch is having enough food as per his size. Also, consult your vet to ensure that he does not have intestinal worms.

Things To Consider

You should put into consideration several factors before deciding the best method to handle the behavior.

If Your Pet Has A Tendency To Opening Doors

If your dog did open the doors often, it could be helpful to think back to the situations surrounding the onset of the behavior. If the behavior appeared out of nowhere, it might be because you started forcing your dog to stay in a particular room or started leaving them alone for longer periods, which made them anxious about being left alone.

When Exactly Your Dog Opens Doors

Image credit: Dog Advisory Council

It would be beneficial to take into account how often your pooch opens doors. If your Fido tends to do it more frequently at a particular time, it’s possible that the timing is a factor. For instance, it would be more likely to be due to hunger if your dog tends to do it more in the morning.

6 Ways To Stop a Dog from Opening Doors

1. Use A Round Door Knob

The majority of dogs probably won’t be able to open a door with a round knob. If your dog is particularly tenacious, cunning, and determined, keep in mind that some dogs appear to be able to even break free from these! This method can work for those dogs who give up on their first trials.

2. Use a Lever Door Lock

Your dog’s attempts to lower the door lever will be unsuccessful if you install a lever lock and keep it locked all the time. Your dog should eventually discover that lowering the lever no longer works after the initial extinction burst and finally give up.

In houses with pets, lever door locks are especially useful since they help keep kids out of potentially dangerous spaces like garages and laundry rooms.

3. Exercises

If your dog is opening doors out of boredom, you should exercise and keep him occupied. You should exercise him mentally and physically. You can take him for a walk, play games like find the treat, tug of war, feeding puzzles or hide and seek. This will ensure that your dog has no pent-up energy in his body to open doors.

4. Training

There are several alternatives you can implement to try and teach your dog not to open doors. Using a command like “stay” or “leave it” is one approach to training your dog. Give the order and then shut the door when your dog tries to open it.

You can also try training your dog with rewards. You may, for instance, place a treat on the door handle before issuing the order. Your dog will receive a treat if they behave.

5. Close Doors with a Bell

Installing a doorbell is a quick and easy way to discourage dogs from opening doors. A doorbell is simple to install and will prevent dogs from opening doors.

When they hear the bell ringing, dogs will immediately figure out that they are not permitted to go outdoors. This quick fix only costs a few dollars and takes a few minutes to execute.

6. Minimize The Potential Causes Of Your Dog’s Anxiety

If it appears that your dog’s behavior is the result of separation anxiety. Limiting the potential causes of your dog’s separation anxiety would be beneficial. You may achieve this by allowing them to stay in a different area of the home and giving them potty breaks, getting some exercise, and eating before you leave them alone.

How To Stop Dogs From Opening Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are tricky, and, naturally, owners frequently fail to recognize how simple it is for their dogs to open them. All your dog needs to do to move the door is jump on the handle and apply its weight. He or she can slide and open the door when there is a small opening using either their nose or paw.

Making a sliding door stopper is one way to stop this behavior. Cut a piece of wood to fit in the sliding door’s track, which is located between the wall and the door. This will make your dog not open easily. To stop your dog from accessing the door, you can alternatively install a screen protector or a dog gate.

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