Will A Fox Attack A Dog On A Leash?

Will A Fox Attack A Dog On A Leash?

Foxes are naturally scavengers and predators. They are known to attack livestock and will consume everything they can get their hands on, including small animals like rabbits, squirrels, chickens, and others.

Because of this, you might be concerned about your dog’s safety when you go for a stroll with him on a leash and see foxes.

This article will explore whether a fox can attack a dog on a leash, why it might occur, and whether you should be concerned if you see a fox while walking your dog or when you leave your small dog alone in the backyard.

Will A Fox Attack A Dog On A Leash?

It is very rare for a fox to attack a dog because it likes to stay away from such encounters. Even red foxes typically aren’t thrilled with squaring up against small dogs. In extreme circumstances, though, such as when a fox is starving, feels threatened, or has rabies, a fox might attack a dog. Although it has happened, it is so uncommon and easily avoidable that there is no need for worry.

What Dogs Are Most at Danger?

A fox attack on a large dog is incredibly rare. A fox simply won’t engage in a tussle with your dog if it weighs 50 pounds or more. A dog that is two to five times its size is not seen as a meal by a fox. Even dogs that are roughly the same size as foxes, like a 30-pound dog, provide too much trouble and risk for foxes to even consider attacking. Any dog weighing less than 15 pounds, though, maybe in danger. Small dog breeds like Pugs, Boston Terriers, Chihuahuas, and any other tiny dogs may be appealing to a hungry fox as a meal.

What to Do if Your Dog Is Attacked by a Fox

Call animal control or other wildlife authorities immediately if your dog gets into a fight with a fox so they can assess the situation and take appropriate action, if necessary.

The majority of the time, though, it’s unlikely that anything catastrophic will result from such an interaction (especially if you keep them on a leash). Just maintain your cool and get out of harm’s way until aid arrives!

How to Protect Your Dog from Foxes

Although there is little chance that a fox will attack a dog, there are certain precautions that pet owners can take to safeguard their four-legged companions:

Ensure Your Dog Is Leashed

When walking in locations where foxes are known to reside, keeping your dog on a leash can help avoid conflicts between your dog and fox.

Watch Over Your Dog

Be sure to keep an eye on your dog if you allow them out in the yard. By doing this, you’ll be able to monitor them and take action if they come into touch with a fox.

Lock Up Your Waste

Food attracts foxes, so make sure to lock up your trash bins and keep pet food inside.

Get Rid of Alluring Things in Your Yard

If you have fruit trees or bird feeders in your yard, be sure to sweep up any dropped fruit or seeds because foxes are attracted to these items as well.

Construct a Fence

Consider building a fence around your yard to keep foxes out if you live in a region where they are abundant.

Avoid Fox Dens

Foxes only give birth once a year, unlike other animals who may give birth more frequently. As a result, they are fiercely protective of their young. The female fox, known as a vixen, stays on-site and vigilant while the male foxes frequently leave the den to go hunting. They will undoubtedly become hostile if your dog unintentionally disturbs their comfy nest.

Ultrasonic animal deterrent

This little device is easy to set up and operates by making noises and flashing lights that humans can’t hear but that annoy foxes and other pests.

It has a solar panel, so you can leave it outside to charge on its own. Its 9-meter range and angle sensor enable it to cover a large area.

It reportedly works on other pests you wish to get rid of, like rats, moles, squirrels, and coyotes, in addition to deterring foxes.

Install motion lights

The early morning and late evening are when foxes are most active. They spend a lot of time stalking and hunting at night.

A light with a motion sensor may shock them just enough to deter them from approaching your house and your pet.

What to Do If A Fox Approaches Your Small Dog

A fox coming close to a dog, no matter how big or small, is pretty unusual. The best course of action is to put a leash on your dog and simply stand and watch for a bit, making sure you stay with your dog if this were to occur in your backyard or when your dog is off-leash.

The fox is likely to flee, but if it doesn’t and you feel intimidated, you can scare it off by pouring water at it or by gently approaching it while making any loud noise, such as slamming a pot or pan or blowing a whistle. Take your dog away as soon as you notice it acting suspiciously, such as biting itself or circling in place, and dial your local Wildlife Rehabilitator.


Foxes and dogs may get along well because of their relationship and shared traits. As a result, foxes rarely attack dogs. Dogs are generally safe around foxes, though there are several risk factors to be aware of. As always, dog owners must keep an eye on their dogs to make sure they don’t get into any difficulty or end up in an inappropriate scenario with a wild animal like a fox.

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