How to Calm a Male Dog When a Female Is in Heat

How to Calm a Male Dog When a Female Is in Heat

If you have at least two dogs living under the same roof, you are aware of how difficult it can be to keep your two canine companions in check, especially if they are of different sexes.

When they notice a female dog in heat, male dogs become fascinated out of instinct. Unless you take action, this biological process in which the male dog will respond to the female dog’s scent may be distressing for you and the male and female dogs as well. From constant barking to disruptive behavior and even aggressive tendencies, finding ways to calm your furry buddy down and keep everyone safe and happy is critical. So, how do you calm a male dog while a female is in heat?

7 Ways to Calm a Male Dog When a Female is In Heat

1. Separate Them

Keep as much space as you can between the two dogs if they share a home because the male can smell and detect the female. Lock up both pets in separate rooms as far away from one another as possible in your house. Keep the door closed and try not to let the dogs out at the same time to keep them from being close to one another.

Make certain that there are no female-owned toys or items in the male’s room, as they will convey the scent of the female. The male dog may whine, groan, and scratch at the door when he smells the object.

Your best alternative, if you can do it, is to temporarily let a family member take care of your male dog. Although this is most likely the greatest option, not everyone has access to it.

2. Hide the Female’s Scent

Females attract a partner by smelling when they are in heat. The male dog probably can smell it even if you can’t. Try your best to contain the female’s smell while she is in heat. Cleaning their home space more thoroughly than usual is required. Since vinegar generally masks the smell when cleaning, it is frequently the best choice.

Additionally, you can give your dog a gentle shampoo bath more frequently. A few more baths over the week or two they spend in heat can make a significant difference, but you shouldn’t do this to the point where you dry up their skin.

You can also cover your female with a dog diaper. This will establish a physical barrier and significantly help hide the scent should your dogs manage to come together despite your best attempts.

3. Use Chlorophyll

According to some reports, chlorophyll may be able to cover up the scent of heat. Typically, there are two types: liquid or tablet. Health food stores may sell the liquid version in doses of 100 mg. Usually, pouring one tablespoon onto the female dog’s meal in the morning and one in the evening will work. It should be administered on the first day of heat for best results. Inquire about this and the precise dosage directions with your veterinarian.

This is not the final solution. Male dogs may still desire to mate because chlorophyll will only partially cover the odor. Additionally, after giving chlorophyll, be prepared for strange green feces.

Be aware that there is only anecdotal evidence supporting the effectiveness of chlorophyll, thus you should feed your dog chlorophyll at your own discretion.

4. Exercise

Keep your male dog as far away from the home as possible. Take them for walks to exhaust them. Even when there is a female in heat, a fatigued dog is frequently a good dog. Additionally, it will spare your male dog from the female dog’s allure.

During this period, you shouldn’t take your female on walks. The last thing you need is for the male dog belonging to your neighbor to get loose and come to your home. Keep her as much indoors as you can, but don’t forget to play with her as well.

5. Board the Male at a Kennel

It can be a wise and reasonable decision to consider boarding your male dog in a kennel when your female dog is in heat. Making this choice can have several advantages and benefits for your dogs as well as your peace of mind.

You may concentrate on giving your female dog the essential attention and support during her heat cycle by boarding your male dog. She could need more care, comfort, and supervision at this time to guarantee her safety and well-being. You can better care for her needs and comfort if there isn’t the male dog’s continual desire to distract you.

6. Use Lust Buster on your male dog 

Lust Buster is a special product that contains essential oils, such as peppermint, and when applied to the nose of the male dog, temporarily masks the scent released by a female in estrus. Its goal is to prevent the male dogs from becoming distracted by the alluring females in estrus.

7. Spay and Neuter

Spaying and neutering dogs is, of course, the most obvious and highly suggested solution. By doing this, you will avoid having to deal with howling, cleaning up after messes, or unwanted pregnancies in a world where dogs are already overloaded and overpopulated.

Additionally, spaying female dogs has the benefit of avoiding erroneous pregnancies and potentially harmful uterine infections.

How Long Will A Male Dog Be Attracted To A Female In Heat?

The breed, age, and temperament of the dog can all affect how long a male dog will be drawn to a female in heat. The duration of the attraction phase can often range from a few days to a few weeks. During this time, male dogs may exhibit excessive barking, marking, and restlessness.

By putting your male dog on a leash outside and giving him a secure area to retreat to when necessary, you can keep a careful eye on him and assure his safety.


Dealing with a male dog’s reaction to a female in heat can be difficult, but using the ideas and tricks above will help to calm your furry companion down and prevent unwanted pregnancy. If you opt to spay or neuter your dog, this advice and method will be unnecessary, and everyone’s life will be much easier. It’s important for your dog to feel comfortable and content, and we hope that some of these suggestions will be beneficial to your dog’s comfort and enjoyment.

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